Rules...? [For this Forum]

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Rules...? [For this Forum]

Post  zefringo on Fri May 15, 2009 6:46 pm

Well, this is all practical and sensible, I should imagine... But meh, everyone else does it, so I will, too.

1. The word is called: Respect. You should know how to "respect" others when you speak on this forum. Do not be extremely discriminative and/or detestable (hateful) towards others' ideas. Really, why bother to offend someone, anyway, right? This is the Internet, Free Speech is allowed... Let people say what they want. And well, If you have a problem, feel free to report it to me or a moderator, directly. We will try to solve the matter.

2. No spamming. Try to refrain from five word responses... Make them a bit longer than that, please. And well, if you want to thank someone, do it via pm (private message).

3. The search engine for the Forum should be working, so if someone already posted a topic or thread on the idea, please try to find it and not post another repeat thread.

4. Have complaints, suggestions for the team? There's a section in forum where you should post, go post there, please.

5. Enjoy your stay. We will enjoy your company. Thanks for joining and discussing matters with us. ^-^


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Re: Rules...? [For this Forum]

Post  Prince on Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:55 pm

hey zefringo!
you need an introductions section! people should be encouraged to make a topic to introduce themselves if they want to become a part of the community, isn't that how it works?

catch you later,
from friendly frequent forum fanatic

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